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Internal Communications Material
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Open with humour
Open with impact
Open a conference
Close a conference
Communicate Business Change
Announce a pay freeze
Explain redundancy
Get buy-in to M&A
Get buy-in to rebrand
Get buy-in to restructure
Inspire about change
Launch division
Launch product/service
Reassure about change
Optimise Business Performance
Announce bad results
Announce good results
Create client focus
Drive efficiency
Encourage accountability
Encourage brand delivery
Encourage collaboration
Encourage delegation
Encourage good leadership
Encourage innovation
Encourage new thinking
Encourage off-shoring
Encourage sales focus
Engaging the Board
Explain cost control
Explain use of KPI’s
Improve communication
Improve meetings
Improve time management
Introduce cost cuts
Kill bad ideas
Manage Conflict / Underperformance
Motivate in adversity
Motivate the group
Move the needle
Promote a greener office
Promote CSR
Promote diversity
Promote entrepreneurship
Promote teamwork
Promote vision / strategy
Promote your USP
Raise charitable funds
Reassure in recession
Reject blame culture
Roast the competition
Speak as new leader
Thank the group
Motivate a Function
Facilities / Admin people
Finance people
HR people
IT people
Marketing people
Operations people
Sales People
Senior leaders
Women in business
Promote a Function
Facilities / Admin People
Finance People
HR People
IT People
Marketing People
Operations People
Sales People
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