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Client Newsletters
Make sure your newsletter stands out from the crowd and gives your clients every reason to keep reading…
Newsletter Openers
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1 If you only read one newsletter this month, make sure it’s {Newsletter name}. We’re close to our customers, we understand the market and we pride ourselves on offering you new perspectives that add value. In this month’s issue, you’ll find…
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2 When being in the know about {industry} is a must, {Newsletter name} is a must-have. We bring you news and perspectives on the trends and issues of today and tomorrow. And if we put a few products under your nose that we think you’ll like, we promise to keep it to a minimum!
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3 The recent developments in {topic} have no doubt caught your attention? Well, they’ve caught ours too. Find out our perspective, and our predictions, on page {number}. In this issue, we also bring you…
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4 How do you take advantage of {development}? What are the top tips to dealing with {challenge}? In this issue of {Newsletter name}, we put our heads together to create a handy ‘how-to’ guide. We also round up the top industry headlines and look at how {Company} is giving diabetes a run for its money…
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5 Everybody’s talking about {topic}, and we’re no different. In {Newsletter name}, we’ve asked our senior team for their perspectives on this trend and what it means for our industry. Also featured within these pages are…
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Newsletter Openers
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