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Give good news to shareholders
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1 A beacon in a dark world
It's no secret that the business world has been living through some very dark days. However, I’m happy to report that over the last 12 months our company has been like a beacon in the darkness. Our strategy, and the skill and commitment of our people, has lit the way. Sales are up X%, profits up Y% and our dividend will be increased.
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2 Everything is up – including our future prospects
So, revenue up, profit up, cash-flow up…all great news – but the most important thing is our prospects for the future. This is demonstrated by record order books and significant potential in the following markets / product areas.
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3 Strong results in a tough economy
Delivering strong results in a tough economy is always a delight, but if we can achieve these results now then just imagine what we can do when the market picks up – and we look forward to the challenge we've just set ourselves!
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4 A great starting point for continuous improvement
No matter how good our results are or how well they are received, we know that there are always areas to improve on and new opportunities to strive for – and that is exactly what we plan to do.
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5 An excellent foundation for future growth
I know you will be pleased with our results, but what I think will delight you even further are the exciting plans we have in place for building on this excellent foundation.
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