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Openers (B2C)
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Raise Charitable Funds
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1 Small ripples make a sea change
Of course big donations are very welcome – but spare change floats our boat, too. Skim a few coins in our direction and you'd be amazed how far we can make them go.
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2 Small change, big difference
Every penny counts in our vital work, so we'd be very happy to take all those fiddly 1p and 5p coins off your hands. You won't believe how much we can achieve with very little.
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3 Join us in improving lives
Together, we can make a real difference for people who really need our help.
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4 We'll give you a good run for your money
By sponsoring one of our Fun Runners, you'll support important work that's transforming lives. And if you come to cheer on our joggers, runners and ramblers along the (length) run, you'll have a great day out, too.
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5 Do a lot with very little
We have a big job to do and even the smallest donation can make a world of difference. Coins and notes are all appreciated, and you can be sure we'll put them all to the best possible use.
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