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Sales Communications : Advertise Good Customer Service
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1 We've trained hard to get where we are in 2012
Going further and getting there faster is what makes us front runners in (area of business). We're all dedicated, highly trained and focused on being the best. So take a look at what we have to offer– you'll see we're in great shape to deliver world-beating performances.
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2 You don't have to be an HRH to be treated like royalty
At (Company Name), we believe all our customers are VIPs. So in the spirit of the nation's Jubilee celebrations, we have an exceptional offer to thank you for being one of our most valued customers. (Offer details)
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3 If you don't like our customer service, you must be one of our rivals
Our customer satisfaction figures tell us we’re outshining the competition. But we know that the minute we stop dedicating ourselves to customer need is the minute we stop being the best. So we won’t.
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4 Making you happy makes sense
A happy customer is a customer who comes back – it's why we always strive to deliver great service.
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5 You. (You always come first with us.)
We believe that if we don't put your needs first, someone else will. That's why we go all-out to deliver great customer service.
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