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Industry-Specific Communications : Travel Companies
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1 Had enough of the Games? Then it's time for the Fun
The Olympics aren't for everyone. If you'd rather be enjoying some non-sporting activity, we can offer you a great weekend/trip away. Instead of watching TV, you could be (list of possible activities).
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2 Taking a break doesn’t have to be hard work
Planning the perfect holiday can be more taxing than anything the workplace throws at you – so why not let {company} take your worries away? Our experienced agents know exactly how to find exactly what you’re looking for.
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3 Going away? Get a great deal, not an ordeal
When it comes to planning your holiday, you’re always looking for the best deals – and you’ll find them at {company}. And whatever happens, whether volcanoes or cabin crews erupt, we always take care of our customers wherever they are in the world.
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4 Take a break from your usual travel agent
We don’t yet know exactly what you want from your holiday: an escape from the day-to-day, a chance to explore new things, a place to party 24/7… But whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find the best deals at {company}.
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5 We reach parts that other travel agents can’t reach!
From hip hotels in Helsinki to safaris in the Serengeti, {company} has all the right connections in all corners of the globe.
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