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Industry-Specific Communications : Professional Services
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1 New customers wanted. No experience necessary
{Name} are experts in delivering great {service/products} - and highly experienced in all aspects of {service}. So if this is the first time you’ve ever used a {supplier}, rest assured that you’re in safe hands.
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2 In our experience we’re more experienced than most
And to put it bluntly, experience matters. The last thing you need is someone learning on your time. We have the proven experience to understand exactly what you need and how best to deliver it.
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3 When it comes to {service}, we’re your local authority
We’re {area}’s leading experts in {service}. So if you’re looking for outstanding {service}, you don’t have to look far.
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4 We’re {area}’s best kept secret
We'd like to introduce {Company}. We're not the biggest. We're not the cheapest. So why do our customers keep coming back? Because we know {area} inside out.
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5 Making you happy makes sense
A happy customer is a customer who comes back – it's why you can count on {Company} to deliver great {service} every time.
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