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Announcements : Announce a Business Change
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1 We’ve changed because you have
The {name} industry is changing. The needs of you, our clients, are changing. As you’d expect from a forward-thinking company, we’re changing too. In fact, {Company } is {describe change}.
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2 Our structure may be changing, but our vision never will
{Company} is changing. But it’s not a shift in our vision or ethos – it’s a structural change that will enable us to better live up to them. Specifically, we are {describe change}.
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3 Change happens when someone sees the next step
And that someone is {company}. We have seen what this company could become by {describe change} – and now we want you to see it too. Specifically, what you will notice is:
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4 {Company} is getting fit for the future
In business, the only certainty is uncertainty. To meet our clients’ ever-changing needs, we must continuously adapt and improve. That’s why we’ve taken the decision to change our company structure. This change will affect you in the following way(s):
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5 We’re changing, and it’s all because of you
As customers of {company}, your needs are changing – and therefore we’re changing the way in which we service them. Rather than giving you chapter and verse about this change, we’d like to tell you what it will mean for you. Specifically, you will notice:
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Announce a Business Change
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