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Sales Communications : Advertise Good Value
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1 Meet the triathlon champions
At (Company), we've trained hard to excel in the three areas that matter most to our customers - quality, service and value. If you want to experience what it's like to be with an organisation that puts in a super-human effort and achieves the seemingly-impossible, call us.
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2 We couldn't improve on perfection, so we made it cheaper
With great value {product type} from {Name}, you don't have to be limited by a limited budget.
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3 We cut costs without cutting corners
Others keep prices low by sacrificing quality. We do it by working more efficiently.
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4 Same high standard. New low price.
It's 100% {product/service} at XX% less.
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5 Suppliers who promise the lowest price are ten a penny
When you buy {product / service} from {company}, you’re paying for quality. We’ve shaved the price down to the bare minimum, so if you buy a service that offers all of this for anything less, you’re not getting the real deal, you’re getting a fake.
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